Robyn is a long term Honorary Research Associate for the State Herbarium. She is currently working in a part-time capacity for the Herbarium and is responsible for the maintenance of the South Australian Vascular Plant Census and for the state's contribution to the developing Australian Plant Census.

Robyn's other research interests include:

  • systematics and biology of members of the families Acanthaceae, Zygophyllaceae and genera Hakea (Proteaceae), Sida and Abutilon (Malvaceae) and Rubus (Rosaceae) Australia-wide
  • building Lucid keys
  • information from and history of older Australian herbarium specimens - weed histories, subtle replacements in the flora, identity and motivations of the collectors
  • educating the community in taxonomic matters.

Robyn is also a life member of the Australian Systematic Botany Society.

Research expertise
Biodiversity discovery
Species and populations
Ecological processes

Phone: (+61 8) 82229348