In the following table, each plan for threatened marine mammals is cited by genus, species (and in some cases sub-species, population), common name and name of Recovery Plan (including author, publication year and plan status, eg draft, in prep., etc).

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Species scientific name

Species common name

Recovery Plan name

Arctocephalus tropicalis

Mirounga leonina

subantarctic fur-seal

southern elephant seal

National Recovery Plan for the subantarctic fur-seal and southern elephant seal (Department of the Environment and Heritage 2003)**

Balaenoptera musculus

Balaenoptera physalus

Balaenoptera borealis

blue whale

fin whale

sei whale

National recovery Plan for the blue, fin and sei whales (Department of the Environment and Heritage 2005)**

Eubalaena australis

southern right whale

National Recovery Plan for the southern right whale (Department of the Environment and Heritage 2005)

Neophoca cinereaAustralian sea lionDraft Recovery Plan for the Australian Sea Lion (DEWHA 2010)

Additional multiple species plans (for various mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians):


* indicates a species considered extinct in South Australia
** indicates a multiple species plan.

The DEW Biological Database of South Australia has been used as the basis for generating the list of threatened animal species in the above table, following the taxonomic identities recognised by the South Australian Museum and listed in the threatened species schedules of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972. The list is primarily focussed at the species level, but in some instances sub-species are recognised.