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Flora of South Australia, 5th edition

The Flora of South Australia provides information on all vascular plants that are native to, or naturalised in the State.

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Most species are illustrated with line drawings or photographs. Details on their distribution, ecology and identification keys to family, genus, species and subspecific entities are also included.

The new 5th edition of the Flora is edited and coordinated by Dr Jürgen Kellermann in collaboration with the editorial committee. To date, over 60 contibutors from South Australia, interstate and overseas have committed to write chapters and treatments for the Flora.

The first two editions of the Flora of South Australia were prepared by J.M. Black, and were the first modern flora of an Australian State (1922–1929 and 1943–1957, respectively). Only the first volume (monocotyledons) of the third edition was issued in 1978, revised by J.P. Jessop. The fourth edition, edited by J.P. Jessop and H.R.Toelken was published in 1986; it is the last comprehensive account of all vascular plants in South Australia. Individual parts of previous editions are all listed in our website.

While the previous edition covered over 3600 different plants, this number has now risen to 4800, more than 1200 new plants now recognised in the state since the 1986 edition (see the introductory chapter of the 2005 Census for more information).

Editorial board

  • Mr. P. Canty
  • Mrs R.M. Barker
  • Dr J.P. Jessop
  • Dr J. Kellermann (Editor)
  • Dr P.J. Lang
  • Prof. A.J. Lowe
  • Dr H.R. Toelken
  • Prof. M. Waycott