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Register of Heritage Trades and Consultants

A review of the Register of Heritage Trades and Consultants was completed January 2024. Thank you to all those who submitted applications.

New Applications are OPEN and may be submitted at any time.

Heritage South Australia’s Register of Heritage Trades and Consultants can be found here.

The Heritage Trades and Consultants Register is a list of trades and consultants who have applied and been successfully selected by Heritage SA to have demonstrated heritage experience. The Register will also promote tradespeople and consultants who support specialised training via apprenticeships.

This Register is intended to assist heritage owners to find the right contractors to undertake specialised heritage work. It is not essential for the trades people and consultants on this list to be used for heritage work as others who have not applied may be suitably qualified.

Heritage SA assumes no responsibility or liability for any work or advice provided by heritage consultants or tradespeople listed in this Register. References, examples of work and due diligence are the responsibility of the property owner when engaging a tradesperson or consultant, to ensure they meet needs and expectations.

We are looking for experienced:

  • Heritage tradespeople such as stonemasons, painters, carpenters, roofers, fencers, glaziers, floor restorers, conservation specialists and ornate plasterers.
  • Heritage consultants proficient in heritage assessment, documentation and construction advice. Services such as Conservation Management Plans and Heritage Impact Statements are also considered.
  • Suppliers of heritage materials and products such as lime mortar, reclaimed stone and bricks, recycled fireplaces and joinery, corrugated-iron, heritage paints, etc.

Applications will be assessed by a panel of conservation architects and heritage specialists. Successful applicants will be selected based on evidence of experience, including quality of previous projects/products and references provided by relevant heritage professionals or heritage owners.

Apply here by completing the form below:

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