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Innamincka/Cooper Creek state heritage area

The Innamincka/Cooper Creek state heritage area has great natural beauty and is historically associated with the Burke and Wills expedition of 1860-63.

The Innamincka/Cooper Creek state heritage area is located on Kidman's Innamincka Pastoral Lease within the Innamincka Regional Reserve. The area is more than 800km north east of Adelaide, along the Strzelecki Track.

The area is 2km wide and follows the main channel of the Cooper Creek for 40km from the Queensland border to Wills Tree (14km west of the current Innamincka township). It also includes the original Innamincka township site.

The Cooper Channel is an important natural feature of the state's arid north east. It is a stunning landscape with a network of permanent waterholes, many of which retain water and provide a haven for wildlife even in times of extreme drought.

Indigenous people lived on the waterway's abundant plant and animal life for thousands of years. European explorers (most notably Burke and Wills), and later drovers and pastoralists, followed the watercourse or established settlements beside it.

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