The Armchair © Adam Bruzzone

In August 2016, approximately 20 of Australia’s leading geology and palaeontology experts convened in Adelaide for a workshop to test the proposition that the Flinders Ranges contains outstanding values that are exemplary, not replicated elsewhere and would meet the strict World Heritage criteria. The response from the experts was an overwhelming ‘yes’, confirming that the proposition is sound and the nomination should proceed.

The outstanding values identified and tested at the experts workshop have been documented in a Preliminary Statement of Values Report for the World Heritage proposition in the Flinders Ranges. This informative technical report is a great way to get an understanding of why we're talking about World Heritage in the Flinders Ranges and why we're pursuing a World Heritage nomination.

In 2020, a series of scientific articles containing groundbreaking research on Flinders Ranges geology were included in Volume 67 the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences (Issues 6-8). These 23 papers by 48 authors provide important evidence that helps to justify the scientific argument for the World Heritage Listing of the Flinders Ranges. We’ve been proud to partner with the Geological Survey of South Australia, who are a major supporter of the World Heritage bid, in the publication of this research.

The Flinders Ranges World Heritage Tentative List submission was presented to UNESCO by Australia in 2021 – we’re excited to say that the Flinders Ranges is now included on Australia’s World Heritage Tentative List. The submission is a must read, describing the spectacular World Heritage values that are proposed to be nominated, the evidence to support the unique Flinders Ranges World Heritage story and how it meets the criteria for inclusion on the World Heritage List.