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Conditions of access - Beetaloo Reservoir

Swimming and immersion in water, is currently not permitted. Other activities that involve wading above the knee or present a high chance of falling or jumping in the water, such as windsurfing or paddleboarding, are also currently not permitted.

You may temporarily wade below the knee only for the purposes retrieving or releasing a fish. When carrying out any of these activities, please limit your contact with the water as much as possible to help:

  • keep yourself safe from potential effects of blue-green algae which may be present in the water, and can be toxic to people and animals
  • reduce the risk of water contamination.

Visit the SA Health website for more information about blue-green algae health impacts and how to avoid illness.

Dogs – with the exception of assistance dogs – are not permitted in the reservoir precinct.

Horse riding is currently not permitted in reservoir reserves. This is to prevent manure introducing bacteria, viruses or weeds to the catchment, and to prevent erosion.

Canoes, kayaks, row boats, sailing boats, motorisied craft and dinghies are not permitted on the reservoir. There are no safe launch facilities, and these vessels can damage the sensitive aquatic shoreline environment, disturbing sediment, nutrients, and organics, which increase algal growth.

Camping is currently not permitted.

We ask you to please respect the natural environment and be considerate of other visitors and our neighbours by:

  • not smoking
  • staying on the trail paths and within the designated access areas
  • only leaving your footprints behind – please take your rubbish with you
  • using designated toilet facilities as needed – no 'bush toilets'
  • not flying drones
  • only fishing when holding a current fishing permit.

On occasion, the precinct may be closed due to poor weather, fire danger or operational requirements.

Regardless of signage, the site will be closed in the following circumstances:

  • when the gates are closed/locked
  • Total Fire Ban Days (as determined by the Country Fire Service). Ahead of visiting a reservoir reserve, please check the CFS website for fire danger ratings
  • for maintenance and operational activities
  • where necessary to undertake land management work
  • in the interest of public safety

Blue-green algae

  • For your safety, visitors are advised to wash their hands after contact with the water and to clean any caught fish thoroughly before eating during periods of increased blue-green algae levels in reservoirs.
  • At times, algal management activities may be required, resulting in a partial closure of the reservoir precinct.