About Us

Heritage South Australia is a team of heritage experts and specialists including architects, archaeologists, asset managers, project and administration officers, historians, policy, promotions and governance officers and project managers. We support the Minister and the South Australian Heritage Council. Together we seek to create sustainable futures for our State's heritage.

Heritage South Australia's responsibilities include:

  • Administering heritage legislation.
  • Providing strategic and policy advice to Government and the South Australian Heritage Council on non-Aboriginal cultural heritage.
  • Providing heritage policy advice to the Minister on priorities, current and emerging issues.
  • Advising on heritage conservation planning matters.
  • Providing policy advice to and supporting the South Australian Heritage Council in administering the South Australian Heritage Register and promoting heritage within SA.
  • Helping to identify and assess heritage by managing a heritage assessment program.
  • Helping to identify, assess and conserve our maritime heritage by:
    • conducting regional surveys and collecting information from the community to identify South Australia's land-based and underwater maritime heritage sites.
    • researching and surveying sites to assess their significance and developing conservation management plans for their protection
    • providing a broader historical perspective through interpretation in the form of brochures, exhibitions and maritime heritage trails.
  • Informing the community about South Australia's heritage by:
    • connecting with the community via telephone, social media, internet and email
    • organising lectures, seminars, events and exhibitions
    • running an annual photo competition
    • developing and supporting publications and guidelines
    • interpreting significant sites and structures.