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Census of South Australian vertebrates

The Census of South Australian Vertebrates provides an official listing of taxonomy for all vertebrates known to occur in South Australia. This taxonomy is under continual review by staff and research associates of the South Australian Museum.

The fourth edition of the Census of South Australian Vertebrates was published in 2009 with some chapters added and updated up until 2014.

Distribution maps are also included where available based on records vetted by expert committees.

Where a more recent reference is available and recommended the link will be provided below:

Additional resources

A list of fauna names that are currently accepted for entry into the Biological Databases of South Australia (BDBSA) can be viewed and downloaded through the fauna BDBSA taxonomy link. This list contains both official and non-official (ie hybrids and higher order taxa like Macropus sp.) taxonomic concepts that are required for data capture.

In addition species data for South Australia can be accessed direct through the online mapping tools NatureMaps or the Atlas of Living Australia.

For any species not represented in the SA official listings please refer to the Australian Faunal Directory

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