Dedicated land is Crown land that has been reserved for a specific public purposes, including recreation, conservation, emergency services, community facilities, water reserves, schools and hospitals.

Dedicated land is held under the care, control and management of a custodian such as a local council or other government agency.

Dedicated land may only be used for purposes consistent with its dedication and the custodian must adhere to the conditions of dedication.

Dedicated land will have a title reference prefix being a Crown Record (CR) and will show that it is held by a custodian for a specific purpose.

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Applying for a dedication of Crown land

Dedications may be available to local councils and government agencies but are not generally available to individuals or community groups.

To apply for Crown land to be dedicated, you will need to complete the application to dedicate Crown land form

Developing on dedicated Crown land

If you are a custodian of dedicated Crown land and want to develop the land you will need to obtain consent from the Minister before any development can occur. Please complete an Application for consent to undertake works or development on Crown land. No payment is required for this application. Development must be consistent with the dedicated purpose.

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If a custodian wishes to use the land for a different purpose for example change use from a sporting use to conservation, an application to amend the dedication needs to be lodged with the department.

It is important to note that native title rights may continue to exist in many parcels of dedicated Crown land. Development on land where native title rights exist may affect those rights and the custodian may be liable for compensation.

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