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Find out where and when prescribed burns are happening near you

National Parks and Wildlife Service conducts a statewide program of prescribed burns to reduce the spread and intensity of bushfires, protect communities and enhance biodiversity. They are just one tool used to reduce fuel loads across strategic areas of public and private land.

Prescribed burns will be conducted only when it is deemed safe to do so and may be cancelled at short notice if conditions change. All prescribed burns are patrolled until they are considered safe.

The map and table below show current and proposed prescribed burns and their status.

These burns are subject to final approvals and plans do change due to changing weather conditions. Extra burns are added to the program as possibilities, to give us the flexibility to complete as many burns as possible, while ensuring they remain under control.

Smoke management

Smoke from prescribed burns is carefully managed to minimise exposure to communities and industries. Smoke taint to wine grapes has not been recorded since NPWS started its prescribed burns program in 2004.

Road and park closures

Parks, roads and/or trails may be restricted or closed, and speed limits reduced, at any time to ensure public safety. You can find out if a trail or park is closed by searching this list. Road closures can be found on Traffic SA.

Reading the map

Zoom in on the area you are interested in using the + or – symbol in the top left corner or continue to click on an icon until the area displays for you.

You can search and sort the list using the table below the map. When you click on a row the map will zoom in on the selected burn.

An explanation on the status of a prescribed burn is below the table. You can also view the map at full screen.

What do the burn statuses mean?


  • No material is burning within the burn area and no smoke should be produced.
  • Crews are no longer patrolling the burn.
  • The burn is completed and no further works are required.


  • Once the burn has been carried out crews will patrol the burn area regularly until safe.
  • Flames and smoke may be visible.


  • Crews are lighting the burn.
  • Flames and smoke may be visible.
  • Crews are patrolling the burn as it spreads inside the control lines.
  • A burn may return to a previous status if it cannot go ahead for any reason.

Within 24hrs

  • Prescribed burn may start at any time within the next 24 hours if weather and other conditions are suitable.
  • A burn may return to a previous status if it cannot go ahead for any reason.

Within 7 days

  • Prescribed burn being considered for ignition in the next 7 days.
  • A burn may return to a previous status if it cannot go ahead for any reason.


  • A proposed prescribed burn. More than 7 days from ignition.

Stay informed

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Your emotional health

If smoke, fire or lightning triggers distress, please know this is a normal reaction after experiencing a bushfire. You can seek support with Regional Access for free professional counselling and visit Recovery SA for more resources.