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Play your part to reduce the risk of bushfire on your property

Managing fuel is a key part of being bushfire ready. If we manage the fine fuel we improve the chances of controlling the intensity and spread of a bushfire. However, managing native vegetation presents us with challenges as we try to balance reducing the likelihood and impact of bushfire with conserving and enhancing biodiversity.

The Native Vegetation Council determines what activities are permissible when managing native vegetation to reduce bushfire risk.

The selection, location and maintenance of plants are all important. And a carefully designed and well-maintained garden can contribute significantly to a bushfire protection plan.

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How do you prepare for bushfires?

Planning and being prepared for a bushfire is a shared responsibility and it’s important for people to have a Bushfire Survival Plan, prepare their properties well for the fire danger season, and have a plan in place for total fire ban days.

The most effective way to protect your home from bushfire is to make your property bushfire safe. Prescribed burns won't stop a bushfire but they will reduce the risk. The SA Country Fire Service has useful resources and is a great contact for more information. Your local council fire prevention officer can provide guidance on preparing your property.

If smoke, fire or lightning triggers distress, please know this is a normal reaction after our recent experience of bushfires. You can seek support with Regional Access for free professional phone counselling on 1300 032 186 and visit Recovery SA for more resources.