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Purchasing Crown land

You may be able to purchase Crown land that is considered surplus to government’s requirements.

Crown land may be declared surplus when:

  • native title rights have been considered and deemed extinguished
  • no government agencies have a requirement for the land; and
  • the land is not considered to be of strategic significance to the government.

Once Crown land is considered surplus and the department has undertaken a range of assessments, subject to the Minister’s approval, the land may be sold by:

  • an open market disposal - by public auction, public tender, expression of interest or other open competitive process; or
  • a direct sale where a custodian, lessee or licensee has made significant authorised improvements to the land, or in some cases to an adjoining owner.

Crown land may then be sold for full market value as required under the Crown Land Management Act 2009. Additional costs may include fees such as application fee and documentation fee, and any other associated costs including survey plans.

If waterfront Crown land is being considered for sale or lease, public consultation will be undertaken.

Applying to purchase Crown land

If you know of a parcel of Crown land you are interested in purchasing, you will need to complete an application to purchase Crown land form.

This Crown land may include parcels:

  • adjoining your freehold land;
  • over which you hold a licence where significant authorised improvements have been made to the land; or
  • over which you hold a lease (certain lease type e.g. perpetual).

When assessing the eligibility of land for disposal, the department will balance the social, economic and environmental considerations of the site in the context of the objects and principles of the Crown Land Management Act 2009.

An application to purchase Crown land may take a minimum of 9 months to assess and timeframes may vary on a case basis.

Find out more about our assessment process.

Crown land for sale

PropertyProperty typeStatusArea (approx.)Agent
1182 East Murray Area School Road, Mindarie, SA 5309Commercial/residentialOn market9.094HAProfessionals
Lots 2 and 3 Ekblom Street Whyalla NorrieCommercialUnder contract0.378 - 1.166 haMcGees
2 Mackay Street, Port Augusta, SA 5700CommercialOn market514m(2)


Unsolicited proposals

An unsolicited proposal is when a proponent approaches Government with a proposal that has not been formally requested and which does not fit into an existing process.

Unsolicited proposals submitted to the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) may include a request to purchase Crown land.

Find out more about the unsolicited proposals process.