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Report on Heritage Protection 2020

From the Chair

It is a privilege to serve on the South Australian Heritage Council, an independent body under legislation.

One of its functions is to provide advice to the Minister on ‘trends, shortcomings and opportunities’ with respect to heritage protection at the State and Local levels. 

Council’s 2020 Report on Heritage Protection was provided to the Minister on 29 March 2020 and its main recommendations can be found in the summary document.

The Council has been actively pursuing the continued protection of our listed heritage under the Planning and Design Code. With the assistance of the State Planning Commission, the Council is in continuing dialogue with its developers.

Your Heritage Council wants to be transparent in its operation, and it is keen to engage with the community. Please contact Executive Officer David Hanna at with any suggestions or proposals for new State Heritage listings. 

Thank you for your interest in our heritage.

Keith Conlon
Chair, South Australian Heritage Council 


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