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Government agencies and Crown land

The department may work with other government agencies to allocate Crown land to achieve state-wide objectives.

All government agencies are bound by Premier and Cabinet Circular 114 – Government Real Property Guidelines (PC114) which provides a guide on how that land will be managed and sets out the responsibilities for each agency.

PC114 guides all government land transactions with Renewal SA being responsible for the administration of freehold government land (Certificate of Title) pursuant to the Real Property Act 1886, while the department is responsible for the administration of Crown land (Crown Record and Certificate of Title subject to a Trust) pursuant to the Crown Land Management Act 2009 (CLM Act).

Should an Agency request a change in tenure or seek to purchase or sell Crown land, the Agency must undertake early consultation with the department.

Only the Minister may declare Crown land surplus to government requirements and approve the sale of Crown land for market value pursuant to the Crown Land Management Act 2009 and PC114.

The department may charge other government agencies a fee for service when dealing with Crown land pursuant to PC114.