In South Australia, a Regional Species Conservation Assessment Project was developed to help us understand and manage threatened species and ecological communities at a regional level.

The project provides a methodical and standardised way to assess and prioritise South Australia's native species. It offers a framework for assigning a conservation status (using IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria) and population trend for all native vertebrate animals and vascular plant species in each departmental region.

This enables us to rank species according to their level of threat and likelihood of extinction. The process is based on both quantitative and qualitative material. It makes use of the best available science and information, and the expertise of skilled people in various specialist areas.

The data from the project has several potential applications, including:

  • identifying gaps in our knowledge on particular species
  • identifying regionally threatened and declining species not previously identified
  • park management and park management planning on a wide range of matters
  • informing regional fire management plans and operations
  • helping to identify threatening processes that affect a range of species
  • encouraging a multi-species and landscape-scale management approach
  • increasing awareness and interest in a broad range of threatened species.
Visit our NatureMaps website to download species lists at regional and subregional levels. To find out how to access this data on NatureMaps download the instruction fact sheet.

Reports and data

Regional Species Status Assessment Reports


Northern & Yorke

Northern & Yorke Fauna1
Northern & Yorke Flora2


West Fauna1
West Flora2


Murraylands Fauna1
Murraylands Flora2

South East

South East Fauna
South East Flora

SA Arid Lands (Outback)

SA Arid Lands (Outback) Fauna
SA Arid Lands (Outback) Flora

Adelaide & Mt Lofty RangesAdelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges Fauna
Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges Flora
Kangaroo IslandKangaroo Island Fauna
Kangaroo Island Flora

1index to departmental region fauna data capture spreadsheet
2index to departmental region flora data capture spreadsheet