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Sustainable soil and land management

DEW supports South Australian land managers to achieve sustainable and environmentally sound management of the soil and land resource in both the agricultural and broader landscape in South Australia.

DEW's focus is to ensure our soils, vegetation and landscapes are healthy, productive and resilient. This is essential to underpin primary production; support ecosystem function and environmental services; provide for our well-being into the future; and withstand the challenges of seasonal variations and a changing climate.

There are a number of challenges to the sustainable use and management of our soil and land resources, such as wind and water erosion, soil acidification, soil salinisation, soil structure decline, low soil fertility and water repellence. The sustainable use of soil and land in agricultural areas of SA is of increasing significance, particularly in the face of a changing climate.

A range of national and state level initiatives aim to tackle these challenges and support sustainable land management:



To facilitate sustainable land use and management the department works in partnership with the organisations that have direct connections and networks with farmers and regional communities. This includes agricultural industry organisations such as:

The department takes an integrated approach, partnering with local experts and groups, to help build community capacity, support the health of regional ecosystems and promote sustainable agricultural production.

Sustainable soil and land management
Source: Pareta Farms, South Australia