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Frequently Asked Questions

Why have online application forms been introduced?

Most of our customers were keen to pay their application fees by credit card. Previously this required a property officer to contact the customer over the phone and take the payment. The online forms allow customers to do this quickly and easily at any time of the day or night.

Which credit cards are accepted?

Payment can be made by VISA or Mastercard.

What information do I need to know when submitting an online application form?

You will need to provide information about the Crown land related to the application, the existing licence/lease number for transfer applications, details about your request so we can assess it and contact details including phone and email addresses for relevant parties.

Can forms be submitted by a conveyancer?

Yes - we know that many Crown Lands applications are submitted on behalf of parties by conveyancers or other representatives and these forms provide for this.

Can I save my form and submit it later?

Yes - click the Save and Complete Later button at the bottom of the form and follow the instructions.

How will I know my form was submitted successfully?

A confirmation message will display on the screen to let you know the form and payment has been successfully submitted. A tax invoice will be sent to the submitter’s email address.

My form wouldn’t submit – who can help me?

Firstly check the following –

  • all of the mandatory fields (marked with a *) have been filled in
  • credit card details have been entered correctly
  • the ‘I’m not a robot box’ has been ticked

If your form still won’t submit please email describe the problem and/or include screen shots. Alternatively you can phone 8429 7680 during business hours.