Managing Adelaide's beaches


The sand along Adelaide’s coast naturally moves northward by the wind and waves. This causes a build-up of sand on our northern beaches such as Semaphore and erodes our southern and central coast such as West Beach and Henley Beach South. 

West Beach and Henley Beach South are currently suffering from significant erosion.

To find out about sand movement works go to Adelaide beach works.

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The State Government works with local councils to manage Adelaide’s metropolitan beach system and keep sand on our beaches.

Adelaide essentially has one long beach running 28 kilometres from Kingston Park to Outer Harbor. The beaches are managed in sections or ‘cells’ to address the impact built structures have on sand movement.

Check out our video below to see how we manage sand on Adelaide’s metropolitan beaches.

Three observations are clear from the management of Adelaide’s beaches:

  1. The northward movement of sand along the middle part of our coast at West Beach is greater than previously estimated.
  2. There has been a net decline in the volume of sand along the total Adelaide beach system since 2011.
  3. Some cells are affected more than others.

To manage sand movement along Adelaide's beaches regular works are needed. Find out more.

Watch a recording of a webinar, the History of Adelaide's beaches featuring author and leading coastal expert Professor Andy Short. 

Beach management explained for kids


 Learn how we monitor the sand on Adelaide's metro beaches to inform beach replenishment works

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