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Nominating a heritage place

Anyone can nominate a place as being of State significance. A place can also be identified by the South Australian Heritage Council (the Council) itself or through a recommendation from a heritage survey.

Nominated places are assessed against the criteria outlined in the Heritage Places Act 1993. If a nominated place is considered to be of State significance it will be provisionally entered into the South Australian Heritage Register (the Register) by the Council or its delegate.

To ensure the public play a role in the decision making process, once a place has been provisionally entered into the Register, the Council provides a three month public consultation period. This period allows the public to make written representations on whether the provisional entry should or should not be confirmed in the Register. When considering whether or not to confirm an entry, the Council can only take criteria under the Heritage Places Act 1993 into account.

The Minister for Environment and Water can request the Council to remove a provisional entry if the Minister is of the opinion that its confirmation would be 'contrary to the public interest'. However, once an entry has been confirmed only the Council can remove or alter it.

An entry can be altered if the Council, after taking into account the criteria set out in section 16 of the Heritage Places Act 1993, is of the opinion that an entry relating to a place in the Register as a State Heritage Place is no longer justified, or that an entry relating to a State Heritage Place should be altered by excluding part of the place to which the entry applies. An entry can also be removed if the Council is of the opinion that a place, or a part of a place, entered in the Register as a State Heritage Place should instead be designated as being a place of local heritage value.

Please note that places which have been nominated during past three years will not be reconsidered by the South Australian Heritage Council unless the nominator can provide significant new information not provided through any previous nomination and assessment. Please contact Heritage SA for further information on (08) 8124 4960.

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