In the following table, each plan for threatened land mammals is cited by genus, species (and in some cases sub-species, population), common name and name of Recovery Plan (including author, publication year and plan status, eg draft, in prep., etc).

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Species scientific name

Species common name

Recovery Plan name

Bettongia penicillatabrush-tailed bettong (or Woylie)Recovery Plan for the brush-tailed bettong (Start et al. 1995)
Dasycercus blythiMulgaraMulgara Recovery Plan (Masters
in prep.)
Dasyurus geoffroii*western quoll (or Chuditch)Chuditch Recovery Plan (Orell and Morris 1994)
Isoodon auratus*golden bandicootRecovery plan for the golden bandicoot and golden-backed tree-rat (Palmer et al. 2003)
Isoodon obesulus obesulussouthern brown bandicootNational Recovery Plan for the southern brown bandicoot (Brown and Main in prep.)

Regional Recovery Plan for the southern brown bandicoot in the Mount Lofty Ranges (Haby and Long 2005)

Lagorchestes hirsutus*rufous hare-wallaby (or Mala)National Recovery Plan for the rufous hare-wallaby (Langford 1999)
Macropus eugenii
South Australia mainland tammar wallabyTranslocation Proposal: re-introduction of mainland SA tammar wallaby to Dhilba Guuranda-Innes National Park (Department for Environment and Heritage 2004)

Macrotis lagotis

greater bilby

National Recovery Plan for the greater bilby (Pavey 2006)

Myrmecobius fasciatus


Recovery Plan for the numbat (Friend and Gilfilnan in prep.)

Notoryctes typhlops

southern marsupial mole (or Itjari-itjari)

National Recovery Plan for marsupial moles (Benshemesh 2004)**

Perameles gunnii*

eastern barred bandicoot

National Recovery Plan for the eastern barred bandicoot (Watson 2000)

Petrogale lateralis (MacDonnell Ranges race)

black-footed rock-wallaby (or warru)

Warru Recovery Plan: Recovery of Petrogale lateralis MacDonnell Ranges race in South Australia, 2010–2020 (Read and Ward 2011)

Petrogale xanthopus xanthopus

yellow-footed rock-wallabySouth Australian Recovery Plan for the yellow-footed rock-wallaby (Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby Recovery Team in prep.)

Pseudomys australis

plains mouse

National Recovery Plan for the plains mouse (Moseby in prep.)

Pseudomys shortridgei

heath mouse

National Recovery Plan for the heath mouse (Menkhorst in prep.)

Sminthopsis aitkeni

Kangaroo Island dunnart

Recovery Plan for the Kangaroo Island dunnart (Gates in prep.)

Sminthopsis psammophila

sandhill dunnart

National Recovery Plan for the sandhill dunnart (van Weenan and Ward in prep.)

Additional multiple species plans (for various mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians):·


* indicates a species considered extinct in South Australia
** indicates a multiple species plan.

The DEW Biological Database of South Australia has been used as the basis for generating the list of threatened animal species in the above table, following the taxonomic identities recognised by the South Australian Museum and listed in the threatened species schedules of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972. The list is primarily focussed at the species level, but in some instances sub-species are recognised.