Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands

The survey covering the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands documents the first systematic attempt to collect comparable biological data across this very significant area of the state.

Coongie Lakes

This survey identifies and documents seasonal changes to the flora and fauna and the impact on the natural environment of human activities.

Cooper Creek

This survey is built around a program of standardised point related sampling of the vegetation and vertebrate fauna together with the compilation of all available biological information on the study area.

Eyre Peninsula

Specific objectives of the Biological Survey of the Eyre Peninsula Biogeographic Region were to collate the existing flora and fauna information and systematically sample the diversity of habitats present in the region for vertebrates.

Flinders Ranges

The primary aim of this survey was to determine for the Flinders Ranges region the diversity, distribution and extent of biological communities for vegetation and vertebrate fauna.

Gawler Ranges

The Gawler Ranges biological survey was carried out for three weeks in October 1985 and sampled the vegetation and vertebrate fauna at 16 sites across the ranges.

Kangaroo Island

This survey began in November 1989 with 341 vegetation quadrats being sampled across the range of habitats on the island. A sub-set of these quadrats were sampled for vertebrate fauna in October-November 1990.

Mid North and Yorke Peninsula

A biological survey was conducted in the Mid North and Yorke Peninsula between October 2003 and November 2004. A total of 140 sites were selected to represent the broad biological and geographical diversity within remnant native vegetation in the region.

Murray Mallee

A vegetation survey was carried out in the Murray Mallee in 1990 that sampled 678 quadrats. This was followed by a vertebrate survey in October-November 1991 that sampled a sub-set of 173 quadrats.

North Olary Plains

From July to September 1995, 381 sites were surveyed in the North Olary Plains area. General landform information and a complete plant species list were obtained at each site.

Offshore Islands (excluding Kangaroo Island)

For more than 10 years biologists visited and studied the biology of the Offshore Islands. This survey has been used for the reintroduction of mammal species that have been extinct on the mainland of South Australia for many years.

South East

A vegetation survey was carried out in the South East in 1991 that sampled 340 quadrats. This was followed by a vertebrate survey in January-February 1997 that sampled a sub-set of 96 quadrats.

Southern Mt Lofty Ranges

The Southern Mt Lofty Ranges survey includes the results of five surveys conducted between 1977 and 2000 and comprised of 1,177 vegetation quadrats.

South Olary Plains

This biological survey, conducted between 1991-92, surveyed the vegetation of the South Olary Plains area and sub-sampled a representative selection of the vegetation sites for vertebrate fauna.

Stony Deserts

From September 1994, 344 sites were surveyed for flora and fauna (with a further 254 being surveyed for flora only) in this area of South Australia.


The Yellabinna survey was undertaken is October 1987 and includes the vegetation and vertebrate fauna of the region.