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Harvesting kangaroos

To harvest or process kangaroos, and sell or use their carcasses and skins, you must hold an appropriate permit. This includes if you intend to process kangaroo meat, process protected animal skins, or harvest kangaroos in the wild.

Permit holders must comply with the conditions of their permit, and follow the guidelines below.

Destroying kangaroos

To control kangaroos that are damaging or likely to damage the environment, crops, stock, property, or environmental amenity (including built structures), or are posing a safety risk or hazard to people or industry, you may have a few options to consider, depending on your property’s location.

  • Consider using non-lethal methods, such as fencing or deterrents.
  • Consider using a professional kangaroo harvester, who would remove the carcasses. Contact a kangaroo meat processor to see if they have a field processor who can help.
  • Apply for a permit to destroy wildlife.

Permit holders must comply with the conditions of their permit and follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines and forms