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Please note: The end of the 2023-24 water use year is fast approaching. To ensure your application is considered by end of year, please get your applications in by 5pm on Friday 14 June 2024.

Notice: Change in Forms Availability

The online water licence and permit application forms listed across the DEW website will not be available after 11am Friday 28 June 2024.

You will soon be able to lodge water licence and permit applications online through South Australia’s new mywater portal. We will be supporting water users to get set up to use mywater over the next 12 months.

In the interim, you can download PDF versions of all our water licence and permit application forms below.

Water licence and permit forms

Download a form for the Far North prescribed wells area from the list below and apply using the instructions on the form.

To apply for an activity relating to wells, well driller's licences, notations of interest, using effluent or imported water and general meter testing, please use a statewide form.

Find out whether you need to apply for a water licence or permit.

For questions about the forms phone:

  • water licence enquiries - (08) 8463 6876
  • well permit enquiries - (08) 8735 1134.

Permits and licences are required for the following water resources area because it is covered by a Water Allocation Plan (WAP). A WAP is a legal document that sets out the rules for managing the take and use of prescribed water resources areas to ensure resource sustainability. Find out more information about what a WAP is and why they are important.

Far North Prescribed Wells Area


A1 Water allocation transfer

L2 Vary water licence
L3 Transfer of water licence or water access entitlement
S1 New site use approval
S2 Vary a site use approval
W1 New water resource works approval
W2 Vary a water resource works approval