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Allow one week for your permit application to be processed.

Do you want to transport one or more native animals, their eggs or carcasses to or from interstate? For most species, you need a permit.

By issuing these permits, we are able to track animals to ensure that they are being legally obtained and traded.

What species of native animal can I import or export?

You can import or export most native animals to or from South Australia. Before you choose a permit type, find out if the animal you want to move is Unprotected. If the animal doesn’t appear on the Unprotected list, it is a protected animal, which will require a permit.

Find out how we categorise native animals in South Australia.

Import and export permits

Unprotected animals

You do not need a permit to import or export Unprotected animals in or out of South Australia. However, make sure you check to see whether an interstate permit is required for the species.

Protected animals

  • An Import Permit is required to bring a protected animal into the state. To apply, complete the Import Permit form. Permit holders must comply with the conditions of the Import Permit. Permits are valid for one month from date of issue. Each animal must be approved and a permit must be issued before it is transported.
  • An Export Permit is required to transport a protected animal out of the state. To apply, complete the Export Permit form. Permit holders must comply with the conditions of the Export Permit. Permits are valid for one month from date of issue. A separate Export Permit is required for each movement. When you make an application for an Export Permit, we may check to make sure the animal was legally obtained.

Do I need to check the laws of other states too?

Different wildlife laws apply in different states and territories in Australia, so you should always check you are meeting any restrictions of the responsible agency in the state you are importing from or exporting to.

What if I have multiple consignments as part of my business?

Holders of a Kangaroo Processor Permit or Tannery Permit may apply to be issued a single permit for multiple consignments.

Permits to import or export kangaroo products (such as carcasses and skins) may be granted for up to three months.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees for import or export permits.

Why must I obtain an import or export permit?

There are good reasons why we assess and monitor proposals to move protected species in and out of the state, including to:

  • prevent disease
  • maintain the genetic integrity of species
  • monitor the potential for animals to be a pest
  • ensure animal welfare standards are being met
  • ensure that animals have been legally acquired.

What if I want to import or export overseas?

The permits on this page only allow you to move animals to or from interstate. If you are looking to transport wildlife or wildlife products internationally, you will need a permit from the Australian Government Environment and Energy Department’s Wildlife Trade.

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