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Permits, licences, forms and levies

Water licences and permits

Water resources in the River Murray area are managed sustainably by issuing licences and water allocations, measuring water use through metering requirements, managing water in high demand areas and securing flows for the environment.

Water allocation plans set out the rules for managing the take and use of prescribed water resources to ensure resource sustainability. They set the amount of water that will be available, how that water may be allocated to users, and the types of activities that are permitted with that water.

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Water metering

Licensees may need to measure their water use with a water meter as a condition of their licence. This is to ensure that water use remains within allocations and the water resource is managed sustainably.

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NRM Water Levy

The Natural Resources Management (NRM) levy is paid by people who live in the Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin region to help fund the work needed to protect and enhance the environment and encourage sustainable use of the region’s natural resources.

Hunting and fishing

All hunting in South Australia is regulated. Permits are also required to shoot ducks and quail, including in game reserves along the River Murray.

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Information regarding recreational fishing and commercial fishing is available on the PIRSA website.

Shacks on Crown Land and national parks

Shacks on Crown Land and in national parks are subject to ‘life tenure leases’. No more shack leases will be made available on Crown lands or in national parks.

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