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Make sure you enjoy your trip to the River Murray by staying safe. Most importantly, do your research on the places you’ll be visiting so you can be best prepared. Here are some useful links to safety information to help you get started. Your safety is our concern but ultimately your responsibility.

River Murray flows

Up to date information is available on the State Emergency Service website and Facebook page. You can also find out information on the River Murray SA Facebook page.

The weekly River Murray Flow Report provides information about water levels, flow rates and barrage operations as well as any navigation issues or construction activities. This is a weekly report. To subscribe contact sarah.meins@sa.gov.au

Safety on the water

If you are travelling to the river area remember to exercise caution in light of the high flows. Currents are often stronger than they appear.

When swimming, always wear a life jacket and only swim in areas that are slow-flowing and free of submerged hazards.

When travelling on houseboats or smaller watercraft, it’s advisable to contact commercial houseboat operators for advice. Alternatively visit www.destinationriverland.org.au/houseboats for further information.

It’s never a good idea to mix water and alcohol. Please be mindful when considering drinking in the area.

National parks and camping

We’ve compiled some safety tips to help make your National Parks experience a safe and happy one, and many can be applied to any visit to the river. Remember to always take direction from our park rangers as they have the greatest knowledge of local conditions.

Check the national parks website to find up to date information on park closures.


A hazard map and related information for the River Murray, Murray Lakes and Lake Bonney is maintained by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

A number of maps showing the location of hazards in Lakes Alexandrina and Albert have also been developed by the department.

Recreational boating

The South Australian Recreational Boating Safety Handbook provides information about licensing and registration requirements, planning and preparation, safety equipment, navigation, protecting the environment and more.

Speed limits are in place along sections of the River Murray for the safety of all water users.

River Murray flows

The weekly River Murray Flow Report provides information about water levels, flow rates and barrage operations as well as any navigation issues or construction activities.

A River Murray High Flow Advice will also be issued when flows at the South Australian border are more than 40 000 ML/day.


A number of activities are underway to assess South Australia’s flood risk, including along the River Murray. Information about the risk of flood at different flow rates along the river is available on the Flood Awareness Map.

Riverbank collapse

Riverbank collapse is more likely to occur during times of low water levels. There have been no reported incidents of riverbank collapse since early 2011.

Blue green algae

The River Murray is routinely monitored for blue green algae. If blooms occur, the Department for Health and Ageing or Local Government issue information and advice to the public.