In the first round of works, new infrastructure is being installed – and existing infrastructure upgraded – at key inland locations. This will allow us to better manage environmental flows to make these areas more resilient to future periods of drought and low water availability.

The works will considerably improve the health of wetlands and floodplains, and at just one site (Yatco Lagoon) water for the environment savings of around 610 megalitres a year will be made.

Local communities, including landowners, irrigators and Aboriginal Nations, worked with government to create a vision for their environment and played a significant role in developing the scope of these projects.

Details of the works

At Pike Floodplain the early on-ground works involve:

  • constructing a new inlet regulator at Deep Creek, incorporating a bridge
  • improving fish passage
  • assessing irrigation infrastructure under various water level scenarios.
Katfish Reach Floodplain
  • upgrading infrastructure to manage the habitat of the vulnerable Murray hardyhead
  • improving environmental flow to the Katarapko Island Drainage Basin
  • establishing fish passage connectivity within the floodplain.
Yatco Lagoon
  • relocating landholders’ offtakes from the lagoon to the main channel of the river
  • installing two additional regulators to assist water flow and fish passage
  • supporting the community-developed wetland management plan to enable immediate environmental water savings and improve the visual landscape and ecology.

The $100 million Riverine Recovery Project is funded by the Australian Government ($89 million) and the Government of South Australia.

early on-ground works