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Water Security Statement

draft Water Security Statement has been developed that provides up to date statewide information on South Australia’s water security and includes ten strategic priorities out to July 2024. These priorities seek to further enhance water security and meet the state’s growth targets, while adapting to a changing climate. Download a summary of the draft Water Security Statement.

DEW is seeking feedback on the draft statement, in particular around the ten strategic priorities, until 18 June. Feedback can be provided via email to

The draft statement provides an overview of water security status for key population centres and water resources across South Australia. The draft statement is the first statewide update on water security since Water For Good.

The water-related investments and reforms undertaken across the state over the last decade have provided high levels of water security for the vast majority of the state’s population, as compared with the Millennium Drought.

The key challenge now is to build on the state’s strong legacy of water investment and reform to ensure all South Australians have adequate water security and to grow the South Australian economy in a sustainable way.

The ten strategic priorities set out in the draft statement include working with industry, key stakeholders and partners to:

  1. Develop water security strategies for key water resources or priority growth industries. In the first instance, this is being trialled in the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale and through the Water and Infrastructure Corridors initiative.
  2. Improve understanding around climate change impacts on water resources.
  3. Ensure water planning processes operate efficiently and maximise the productive use of available water resources.
  4. Ensure that water resource management continues to be informed by science, that water resources are managed within sustainable limits and that water allocation plans are updated within timeframes that reflect risks to users and water resources.
  5. Ensure that critical human water needs continue to be prioritised appropriately and that water planning processes support the setting of objective water security standards, where required.
  6. Support water security investment in self-supplied remote communities and the provision of potable supplies in exceptional circumstances, as required.
  7. Continue to drive full implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan for a healthy River Murray.
  8. Develop an Urban Water Directions Statement that sets a state framework for optimising the use of all urban water sources – in a way that supports growth, greening and liveable towns and cities, more efficient and cost effective water use, as well as the release of water for productive use outside of urban areas.
  9. Progress the findings and recommendations of the review of the Water Industry Act 2012.
  10. Build the state’s capacity to respond to future water challenges across the economy and to capture a greater share of an expanding global market for water technologies and services.

For further information about the draft statement or to provide your feedback, please contact us via email on Feedback is invited until 18 June.

Feedback received will then be considered with a final Water Security Statement to be published on this website later in 2021.

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