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Water allocation and carryover

Water allocations are an important way to share, conserve and manage the restricted volume of water available to South Australia.

Managing our water responsibly contributes to achieving long-lasting benefits for the River Murray and water users, including primary producers, industry, recreational users and the environment.

Water allocations are critical for all river communities and industries that rely on a healthy river system.

Private carryover may be granted when the minimum opening allocation announced in April is 50 per cent or less. Private carryover allows irrigators to carryover unused water allocations - up to 20 per cent of a user’s entitlement - from one year to the next. It is a form of insurance to boost water availability at the beginning of the next water year.

Water markets and trade allows for the redistribution of water among users and is an important mechanism for managing the Murray-Darling Basin’s scarce water resources.

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