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Make your feedback count

You’ve taken the time to review an application to clear native vegetation and you have information to share that may influence the approval process. Make your feedback count by following these simple guidelines:

  1. Review the consultation questions prior to starting your submission.
  2. Make your comments concise and clear. It’s a good idea to separate out different points into different paragraphs or under headings.
  3. Refer to the page, section number or paragraph that you are commenting on.
  4. Explain your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with certain aspects of the application.
  5. Concentrate on the things that you know about and leave the questions that you aren’t able to confidently answer.
  6. Use case studies, scientific evidence or stories that can be substantiated to demonstrate your points.
  7. If you are commenting on the accuracy of information or are providing new information, include references for your information sources.
  8. Propose realistic alternatives that would deliver better outcomes than those outlined in the application.

Your feedback won’t have an influence on the outcome of an application if it:

  1. Addresses issues beyond the scope of the Act or the Regulations
  2. Offers an open statement, or no change is sought
  3. Proposes alternative options but the options outlined in the application are still considered the best option
  4. Is based on incorrect information.

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