The Biodiversity Credit Exchange gives eligible landholders access to funding to protect, manage and restore areas of native vegetation on their land in order to generate biodiversity credits (also referred to as SEB credits).

These credits are sold to buyers who are required to offset vegetation clearances in the same region. To see how the BCE works refer to the BCE Flyer.

The program has been successfully delivered in the Mid-North, Murraylands and Eyre Peninsula regions.

The BCE program is currently closed.

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I'm a landholder, how do I get involved?

If you’re a landholder or lessee with native vegetation to manage and protect, simply:

Step 1 – Submit an Expression of Interest

Download and submit the Expression of Interest form. If you meet the eligibility criteria for that round an appointment will be made with you for a site visit at your property with a field officer.

Step 2 – Site assessment

The field officer will visit your property at an agreed time to assess your potential credit site. The officer will determine the amount of credit that can be generated by your site and will discuss management options with you.

Step 3 – Submit a bid

If your site is assessed as being suitable for the program, you will be invited to submit a bid. The bid will outline the price you are seeking to establish and maintain the credit site. It should cover costs associated with managing the site for ten years and any desired income. Bids will be assessed by the Native Vegetation Council based on:

  1. The potential for the site to achieve a significant improvement in biodiversity;
  2. Likely demand for credit;
  3. Value for money; and
  4. Other relevant assessment criteria outlined in the BCE Application Criteria that is developed for each round.

Step 4 – Enter funding agreement and Heritage Agreement

If your bid is successful you will be invited to enter into a funding agreement and Heritage Agreement. The funding agreement will include a ten year management plan prepared by the Native Vegetation Branch. The plan will outline the management actions you will need to implement to ensure that your site achieves the anticipated improvement in biodiversity.

Once the agreement is in place you will receive the amount you specified in your bid submission. This may include an initial upfront payment, followed by payments at certain intervals following the satisfactory completion of agreed actions and/or delivery of outcomes. The instalment amount and schedule will be negotiated with you. The credits that your site will generate will transfer to the Native Vegetation Credit Register and your credits will eventually be sold to eligible clearance applicants that need to offset their activities.

For more information view our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us on (08) 8303 9777 or

I'm a clearance applicant, how do I access credit?

The Biodiversity Credit Exchange has established credit in the Mid North and Murraylands, and is currently in the early stages of securing landholders on Eyre Peninsula to generate biodiversity credits in that region.

To view available credit, search the online Native Vegetation Credit Register and look for credit that matches your offsetting requirements.

If a match is available, you can then submit an Application to Establish a SEB Area and Assign Credit to have the credit transferred to you as part of your clearance application.

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For more information view our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us.


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