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River Murray flow and use in South Australia

The Government of South Australia is committed to open and transparent water management and accounting along the length of the River Murray.

The flow and use reports provide summaries of river flows at key locations along the River Murray in South Australia, water used for critical human water needs (CHWN) and consumptive purposes and water for the environment. They provide information for River Murray water users on the volumes flowing to South Australia and how much water is used and for what purpose on a quarterly basis.

The data provided is based on the best available information at the time of publication and may include a combination of metered, estimated and modelled data.  All data is subject to final assessment and reconciliation of water use at the end of water year as part of South Australia’s statutory reporting obligations under Section 71 of the Water Act 2007 (Cth).  After this process, a final end of year report will be published.

All historical quarterly and annual reports are available online.  Each quarterly report is published within two months of the end of each quarter, as far as practicable.

Between April and June 2021, 404.1 GL flowed into South Australia, of which 45.1 GL was used for general consumptive purposes (primarily irrigation) and
45.1 GL to support critical human water needs and town water supplies. Conveyance and water left in-river (planned environmental water) totalled 167.0 GL and 137.2 GL was held environmental water. For further details please refer to the Quarter 4 report.

Historical annual reports on water use in South Australia can be accessed on the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s website


 Figure 1: River Murray water use in South Australia

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