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What is Project Coorong?

Project Coorong is an overarching initiative, consisting of numerous projects aimed at restoring a healthy Coorong.

A healthy Coorong is critical for the environment, First Nations, local communities, the South Australian tourism industry and the overall health of the Murray-Darling Basin. That’s why action is underway to restore the Coorong’s health, bringing new life to the region.

As part of the broader Project Coorong initiative, the following programs are supporting the long-term health of the Coorong:

Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin

In recognition of the Coorong South Lagoon’s declining condition and the Ramsar-listed wetland’s importance to the health of the Murray-Darling Basin and the Basin Plan’s success, Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin is working to improve the ecology, knowledge and management of the Coorong through on ground works, scientific trials and investigations, better water management tools, investigating infrastructure options, and partnering with First Nations and communities.

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Our Coorong, Our Coast

Our Coorong, Our Coast will help improve the ecological character of the Coorong and enhance habitat for threatened species along the Limestone Coast through works such as pest and weed control, developing site plans to protect migratory shorebirds, revegetation and monitoring.

Ramsar Management Plan

Work is underway to update the Ramsar Management Plan to guide how the entire Coorong and Lakes Alexandrina and Albert wetland site is managed and identify further knowledge gaps for research.

Basin Plan

The Basin Plan sets the amount of water that can be taken from the Basin each year, while leaving enough for the environment. Delivering the Basin Plan will have many benefits for the Coorong, including flushing salt from the system and providing environmental flows. The Coorong’s health is important to the entire Murray-Darling Basin and gives an indication of the plan’s success.

Managing River Murray flows and water levels

Infrastructure such as locks and the Goolwa Barrages are used to control River Murray flows and water levels to help maintain an open Murray Mouth and support ecosystems in the Coorong, as well as along the river and Lower Lakes.

Currently, managing river flows is not enough to keep the Murray Mouth open and dredging is also needed.


It is important that work to restore a healthy Coorong is based on the latest science, as well as the experience and knowledge of Traditional Owners and the local community.

Recent research by the Goyder Institute for Water Research and advice from the Coorong Summit have guided the development of the Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin action plan. Further research is planned to ensure the best possible decisions are made and actions taken to restore a healthy Coorong.

Working with community

Community involvement is critical to successfully restore a healthy Coorong. The South Australian Government works closely with the Coorong Partnership, Coorong and Lower Lakes Community Advisory Panel and the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board’s Water Advisory Committee to gain community input and share information about projects in the region, as well as providing opportunities for local groups and the broader community to get involved.

Ongoing projects

Other ongoing projects that support a healthy Coorong include:

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