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Ngarrindjeri knowledge project to inform the management of Kurangk

The Kurangk (Coorong) is of enormous cultural significance to the Ngarrindjeri people. The Ngarrindjeri people have a deep understanding of the ecological functioning of the Coorong and their knowledge of the environment has been passed down through generations.

The Ngarrindjeri knowledge project, led by the Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal Corporation, will document an understanding of the methods, knowledge and cultural values of the Ngarrindjeri people and consider this knowledge for management of the Coorong, now and in the future.

The project will establish a culturally appropriate knowledge database, owned by the Ngarrindjeri people that can be used to inform the management of the Coorong. The research will focus on Ngarrindjeri knowledge of fresh water soaks and wells along the Coorong, No:ri (pelican) breeding islands and the importance of the South Lagoon/Salt Creek to the breeding cycles of Ngarrindjeri Ngartjis (totems) – in particular, species such as the jumping mullet.

Ngarrindjeri Yarluwar Ruwe methodology (a research/assessment methodology based on traditional principles) will also be refined through the project.

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