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Maps of where the Native Vegetation Act applies in SA

The Native Vegetation Act 1991 (the Act) applies to the entire state of South Australia except some areas in metropolitan Adelaide. The EnviroData maps below show precisely where the Actapplies (note these are printable A3 PDF files).

The South Australia map covers the entire state. The 12 local council maps show the (largely metropolitan) areas where there is a mix of locations where the Act does and does not apply.


The boundaries of where the Act applies can also be viewed with an interactive map available on NatureMaps.

NatureMaps can also display other information regarding the Act including:

  • clearance applications
  • Heritage Agreements
  • Significant Environmental Benefit offset areas.

They can also show general vegetation information including:

  • native vegetation mapping
  • flora and fauna records
  • protected areas
  • bush condition monitoring sites.

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