Looking for a great lesson plan or activity to keep your student interested? There are plenty of resources available. Here's just a few ideas to help get you started.

The department, through the NRM Education program, provides a number of free programs to schools throughout South Australia, including:

  • Waterwatch/Citizen Science
  • Environ Lounge Sessions
  • Young Environmental Leaders Program
  • River Murray Youth Council
  • support for schools.

NRM Education can also help in other ways, such as:

  • one on one support
  • work experience for students
  • assisting with research projects
  • class excursions
  • guest speakers
  • school environment projects
  • VET program support.

Find out about the programs and resources offered in the Lower Murray and Upper Murray.

Contact your local NRM Education office to find out how they can help:

For programs and resources offered in other regions, select a region in South Australia and click on the Education tab.

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority also has lots of resources available to help teachers educate students.

Classroom activities

A Frog's Life

An interactive powerpoint where students can familiarise themselves with local frog species and their mating calls.

Download A Frog's Life resource package.

The River Murray Story

A hands-on activity for student, emphasising different types of pollution that can end up in our waterways.

Download River Murray Story resource package.

Critters Galore

Students can learn about aquatic macroinvertebrates and their role in determining water health with the following packages:

Cartography with stickers

Sticker mapping activity

Outside the classroom

Environmental auditing

Students collect data from around their school on various environmental themes and look for improvement opportunities

Download the Environmental audit worksheet.

River habitats

Students are introduced to the cross-section of a stream and explore the features of healthy vs unhealthy habitats

Download the river habitat teacher resource package

There are plenty more great activities, downloads and lesson ideas available: