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Water for the environment

Making sure there is enough water for the environment is important to the health of our ecosystems.

South Australia is home to 6 wetlands which are internationally recognised under the Ramsar Convention. These are:

  • Bool and Hacks Lagoon in the South East
  • Picaninnie Ponds Karst Wetlands in the South East
  • Coongie Lakes in the Far North
  • Coorong and Lakes Albert and Alexandrina
  • Riverland Wetland Complex
  • Banrock Station Wetland Complex

These sites provide essential refuge and important breeding habitat for waterbirds and fish as well as support diverse animal and plant species that all require water.

In other areas of the state, surface water and groundwater support their local water-dependent ecosystems.

Healthy ecosystems have many benefits, including improving water quality, capturing carbon and providing habitat for a range of nationally and internationally-listed plants and animals. Healthy lands and waters are also core to the wellbeing of First Nations people.

Healthy ecosystems benefit us all by providing water resources for life, culture, recreation and enjoyment, as well as support productive and sustainable businesses.