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The SA Murray Region water resource plan area includes most of the Murray-Darling Basin in South Australia, from the Victorian border to the edge of the plains of the Mount Lofty Ranges in the west. It excludes the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges and the River Murray and its floodplain to the 1956 flood level.

The SA Murray Region water resource plan is a management plan for all surface water in the area and all groundwater resources beneath the area, except for the surface water in the River Murray water resource plan area.

The water resources of the area are used for a variety of purposes, including providing for town water supply, intensive animal production, irrigated horticulture, industrial use, and stock and domestic supplies.

The SA Murray Region covers the Coorong and Murray Mouth area, which forms part of the Coorong and Lakes Alexandrina and Albert Ramsar wetland of international importance.This site provides a vital refuge for migratory birds from around the world and is home to many local industries such as fisheries, agriculture and tourism. This important Ramsar site is covered by both the SA Murray Region water resource plan and River Murray water resource plan.

The SA Murray Region water resource plan was accredited by the Australian Government Minister responsible for water in August 2019. All instruments and documents that were accredited as part of the water resource plan can be viewed on the Murray-Darling Basin website.

Note: Since South Australia’s water resource plans were accredited by the Australian Government Minister, parts of several State instruments that were accredited as part of the plans have been amended or replaced. One of the key changes is the Landscape South Australia Act 2019replacing the Natural Resources Management Act 2004. While some of the legislative instruments and other documents referred to in the plans are not current, the plans remain in effect. All instruments and documents accredited as part of the water resource plans can be viewed via the MDBA website.

The South Australian government is working with the MDBA and the Office of the Inspector General of Water Compliance to identify the best approach to updating and reaccrediting the plans. This process will ensure that the updated plans meet local water management needs and Basin Plan requirements.

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