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Basin Salinity Management Strategy 2030

Basin governments have recently renewed their joint commitment to manage salinity through a new inter-governmental strategy, the Basin Salinity Management 2030 (BSM2030).

The joint commitment made in BSM2030 will ensure that South Australia continues to benefit from ongoing efforts by Basin jurisdictions to manage salinity, including ongoing operation of salt interception schemes, for another 15 years.

BSMS2030 builds on the significant investment in salinity management measures by Basin Governments over the last 30 years. These measures have provided an effective basis for management of salinity in the Murray–Darling Basin and have considerably reduced long-term average salinity levels (as measured at Morgan in South Australia) over the last two decades. In addition to other management actions, such as salinity zoning, States have invested in salt interception schemes which continue to deliver significant protection to the River Murray.

The BSM2030 strategy retains existing regulatory settings and management arrangements that provide the foundation for Basin salinity management, while bringing in contemporary issues to align with the Basin Plan, streamlining administration and exploring ways to further optimise operation of salt interception schemes and reduce costs.

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