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Nature-based tourism proposals: creating ecologically-sensitive tourism experiences in South Australia


In October 2017 the department put out a call to the private sector seeking interest in creating ecologically-sensitive tourism experiences in parks and botanic gardens across the state. The overall aim of the process was to improve amenity in national parks, gardens and Crown land to provide better services and put existing facilities and infrastructure to better use.

Through this process, the department has carefully selected a small number of preferred proponents whose proposals demonstrate a strong focus on sustainability and the health and conservation of our national parks.

Nature-based tourism and economic development

The department’s aim is to support regional economies and establish South Australia as an international destination for nature-based tourism.

One of the key tourism draws in South Australia is our attractive nature offering - wild places and wildlife.

By 2020 nature-based tourism businesses will create 1,000 new jobs and inject $350 million into the state economy each year. These benefits will flow into local communities and can make a genuine contribution to sustainable growth and regional jobs.

National parks, marine parks and wilderness protection areas are afforded the highest level of legal protection. They will continue to be protected under state legislation and managed with a strong focus on conservation.

The department is dedicated to conserving our environment and ensuring that South Australia is economically sustainable. Each proposal selected by the department aims to fulfil both objectives.

Enhancing park visitors’ experiences

Each proposal is different and will provide a new tourism experience in the park or reserve that hosts it. All of the proposals are part of a plan to make visitors’ experiences even better by improving park access, services, facilities and attractions.

People want to enjoy parks in new and contemporary ways. Enhancing and improving visitors’ experiences in national parks will increase their knowledge and understanding of South Australia’s unique and precious natural environment.

The government will work together with each proponent, Traditional Owners, stakeholders and regulatory bodies to ensure that every tourism opportunity is provided in a culturally-appropriate and environmentally-sensitive manner.

Community input

Input from community members and other stakeholders is key for the long-term success of these initiatives.

Our approach is to consult with the community and the people who enjoy parks, as well as the people who volunteer or have a special interest in them.

Community engagement is an ongoing part of the department’s nature-based tourism initiatives. This web page is updated regularly to provide information about current nature-based tourism community engagement processes.

Current and completed community engagement processes: