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Consultation Outcomes

ConsultationDate closedOutcomeDecision
2332 Cape Willoughby Road, Kangaroo Island1 April 2024Awaiting DecisionView
De Tong Ling Retreat Houses - Kangaroo Island27 March 2024`Awaiting DecisionView
Upper Yorke Road, Port Broughton to Bute - Yorke Peninsula27 March 2024Awaiting DecisionView
Hindmarsh Valley Subdivison - Stage 1B to 1C25 March 2024Awaiting DecisionView
Hannaford Meeting Hall - Blackwood5 March 2024

Awaiting Decision

Marion Bay Rise - Marion Bay01 March 2024Awaiting DecisionView
Maralinga Remediation Site19 January 2024Awaiting DecisionView
Lot 105 Coastal Rd, Blackfellows Caves - subdivision18 January 2024Awaiting DecisionView
Industrial Development, Port Augusta17 January 2024Awaiting DecisionView
The Outback Highway Flood Recovery Works12 January 2024Awaiting DecisionView
Outer Harbor LNG Project2 January 2024Awaiting DecisionView
Port Augusta West Wastewater Treatment Plant27 December 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Student Accommodation, Stirling North22 December 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Boxer Road Wisanger18 December 2023Awaiting DecisionView

Mallee Highway Upgrade, Peake to Geranium

7 November 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Onkaparinga Piggott Range Road Safety Upgrade7 November 2023Awaiting Decision


Main Road, Cherry Gardens - Road Upgrade7 November 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Fox Creek Bike Trails2 October 2023Conditional ConsentView
Kessell Road, Subdivision19 October 2023Conditional ConsentView
Humzy Residential Sub-Division, Lewiston23 October 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Crafers Park and Ride25 October 2023Conditional ConsentView
Best Life Renmark25 October 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Globe Derby Park7 September 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Roseworthy Water Scheme6 September 2023Conditional ConsentView
Della Road - Strzelecki Track21 August 2023Conditional ConsentView
Berri Barmera Council - Road Base Quarry21 August 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Major Project - Mt Lofty Golf Course19 August 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Arno Bay - New Road7 August 2023Awaiting DecisionView
PV Export System - Port Paterson25 July 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Hannaford Road, Blackwood - House site25 July 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Caddy Road, Loveday - House site12 July 2023Conditional ConsentView
Louth Bay Aquaculture21 June 2023Conditional ConsentView
T-Ports Lucky Bay spoil disposal20 June 2023Conditional ConsentView
KI Council Burrow Pit16 June 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Silicon Aurora Pty Ltd14 June 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Cobbin Street Subdivision5 June 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Louth Island Accommodation5 June 2023Conditional ConsentView
Hallett Green Cement - Port Augusta1 June 2023Conditional ConsentView
Boatswain Point Subdivision1 June 2023Conditional ConsentView
North West Bend Solar Farm1 June 2023Conditional ConsentView
Lock 5 Upgrades SA Water25 May 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Porky Flat house site25 May 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Bungama Solar Farm25 May 2023Conditional ConsentView
Liberty Primary Steel landfill24 May 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Nonowie Meteorological Masts19 May 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Clover Park Foot Path15 May 2023Conditional ConsentView
Cowell Subdivision - Cook10 May 2023Conditional ConsentView
Paradigm Marananga Accommodation10 May 2023Awaiting DecisionView
DIT - Murraylands Road Upgrade2 May 2023Awaiting DecisionView
DIT - Horrocks Highway Upgrade10 March 2023

Conditional Consent

Radford Centre Pivots20 February 2023Conditional ConsentView
Farr Street Cowell Subdivision

13 February 2023

Conditional Conset

Wami Kata Residential Aged Care, Davenport7 February 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Nuriootpa Traders Transport Distribution Warehouse7 February 2023Conditional ConsentView
Kultanaby Rail Siding23 January 2023Conditional ConsentView
Hallett Green Cement Facility12 January 2023Conditional ConsentView
Pelican Lagoon Tourist Accommodation12 January 2023Conditional ConsentView
KI Pipeline Stage 1 amendment10 January 2023Conditional ConsentView
Andromeda land division4 January 2023Awaiting DecisionView
McDowall Coffin Bay4 January 2023RefusedView
Pfeiffer Road, Woodside4 January 2023Conditional ConsentView
Wimmera Highway2 January 2023Awaiting DecisionView
Tungkillo Battery Energy Storage System Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 428 December 2022Awaiting DecisionView
Yoorndoo Ilga Solar Project28 December 2022Awaiting DecisionView
Murray Bridge Growth Infrastructure28 December 2022Conditional ConsentView
Dairy Development Willow Creek22 December 2022WithdrawnView
Long Valley Road Overtaking Lane8 December 2022Awaiting DecisionView
Hart Lagoon Stormwater Retention Basin16 November 2022Awaiting DecisionView
Dam Expansion, Lyndoch9 November 2022Awaiting DecisionView
Subdivision Falland Avenue, Nuriootpa9 November 2022Conditional ConsentView
Residential Subdivision Hayborough8 November 2022Awaiting DecisionView
New Dwelling Wattle Park2 November 2022Awaiting DecisionView
The Dunes Port Hughes2 November 2022Conditional ConsentView
Road Pavement Widening Tintinara18 October 2022Awaiting DecisionView
Mt Bold Dam Upgrade18 October 2022Awaiting DecisionView
Boxer Road Wisanger18 October 2022Awaiting DecisionView
Port Lincoln Subdivision6 October 2022Awaiting DecisionView
Dublin Tourist Park28 September 2022Conditional ConsentView
Robe Subdivision28 September 2022RefusedView
Road upgrade works - Hog Bay Road KI28 September 2022Conditional ConsentView
Road upgrade works - Ten Trees Lagoon Road KI28 September 2022

Conditional Consent

Housing Development - Port Augusta West20 September 2022Conditional ConsentView
Quarry Expansion - MacGillivray KI8 September 2022Awaiting DecisionView
DIT - Hog Bay Road realignment22 August 2022Conditional ConsentView
DIT – Kempe Road Upgrades18 August 2022
Conditional ConsentView
Irrigation infrastructure Talia Farms15 August 2022
Conditional ConsentView
Residential Subdivision Wistow & photos15 August 2022Conditional ConsentView
Augusta Highway duplication18 July 2022Conditional ConsentView
Jones house site13 July 2022Awaiting DecisionView

DIT - Princes Highway Overtaking Lane Mt Gambier

22 June 2022Conditional ConsentView
DIT - Princes Highway Overtaking Lane Meningie22 June 2022

Conditional Consent

DIT - Sturt Highway Overtaking Lanes - Site 1, Site 2, Site 3, Site 4, Site 1-4 EPBC Self Assessment7 June 2022Conditional ConsentView
SA Water - Winninowie Water Main2 June 2022Awaiting DecisionView
DIT - Stockyard Plain Parking Bay Upgrade31 May 2022

Conditional Consent

Cottage Lane Residential Subdivision31 May 2022Awaiting DecisionView
SA Water Morgan Whyalla Pipeline - 1B26 May 2022

Conditional Consent

DIT - Princes Highway (Salt Creek) parking bays18 May 2022

Conditional Consent

DIT - Naracoorte Road upgrades12 May 2022Conditional ConsentView
DEW - Gorges Walk Hiking Trail12 May 2022Conditional ConsentView
Totness Sewer Pipeline and attachment5 May 2022Awaiting DecisionView
Dry Plains Road Upgrade - Alexandrina Council14 April 2022Conditional ConsentView
Bussenschutt Dam extension14 April 2022

Conditional Consent

Buckland Park Intake Pipeline13 April 2022Conditional ConsentView
SA Water Morgan Whyalla Pipeline 1A and1C5 April 2022

Conditional Consent


EP Link Transmission Line Demolition29 March 2022Awaiting DecisionView
Industrial Land Division - Robe23 March 2022

Refused Consent

Waggon Road - Victor Harbor21 March 2022Awaiting DecisionView
Project Energy Connect Robertstown to SA-NSW border17 March 2022Conditional ApprovalView
EPIC Trail Mount Remarkable14 March 2022

Conditional Approval

DIT Wellington Road roundabout14 March 2022Conditional ConsentView
Rugby Pitch and Clubrooms Development8 March 2022Refused ConsentView
Supermarket development - Wellington Road Mt Barker8 March 2022Awaiting DecisionView
Flinders Chase Visitor Centre18 February 2022Awaiting DecisionView
Lucky Bay channel extension & Appendices18 February 2022Awaiting DecisionView
Main South Road Duplication Stage 18 February 2022Conditional ConsentView
DIT - James Road/Old Belair Road Roundabout21 January 2022


Ashbourne subdivision12 January 2022Conditional ConsentView
DIT - Sturt Highway Eastern Duplication12 January 2022Awaiting DecisionView
DIT - Wimmera Highway Abattoir access upgrade12 January 2022Conditional ConsentView

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