Can I clear native vegetation to allow for grazing?

You can clear vegetation for ongoing grazing practices.

‘Ongoing grazing practices’ means that the practices have not changed over the past 10 years in terms of the area grazed, manner, rate and stock species. Your grazing practices should also maintain and protect the value of the native vegetation and not permanently degrade it.

Does this include land under Heritage or Management Agreement?

No you cannot clear for this purpose on Heritage Agreement or Management Agreement land.

Do I need approval?

No you do not need to get approval.

What do I have to do?

You must:

  • self-assess that your clearing is within the parameters of this activity
  • consider if there are other practical alternatives to clearing
  • obtain the written permission of the landowner if you are acting on behalf of the landowner.


You are not permitted to clear under this activity if you are going to do any one of the following:

  • graze stock of a different species
  • increase the number of domestic stock
  • graze in a different manner or rate even if it is the same species.

If you are going to do any of the above, refer to information about new grazing practices.

To expand the land required for grazing, you will need to submit a clearance application under the Native Vegetation Act 1991.

What if my activity doesn't fit this description?

If your proposed clearance does not meet the requirements of this regulation, or another regulation, you can submit a clearance application under Section 28 of the Native Vegetation Act 1991.


Native Vegetation Branch