Can I clear native vegetation to allow for changed grazing practices?

You can clear vegetation to allow for a new grazing regime that is not consistent with the last 10 years. A new grazing regime means that you are changing the species of domestic stock or the manner and rate of grazing. The new grazing regime must not cause permanent degradation of native vegetation.

Does this include land under Heritage or Management Agreement?

No you cannot clear for this purpose on Heritage Agreement or Management Agreement land.

Do I need approval?

Yes you need to get a Management Plan approved by the Native Vegetation Council (NVC).

What do I have to do?

You must:

  • check our maps to see if your land is in the area where the Regulations apply
  • make sure that your clearing is within the parameters of this activity
  • consider if there are other practical alternatives to clearing
  • prepare a Management Plan that addresses the criteria in the NVC’s Guidelines for Grazing of Domestic Stock. The Native Vegetation Branch can help you prepare your plan, or consider engaging an Accredited Consultant specialist advice that you may require.
  • submit the following to the NVC:
    • a Management Plan via email to
    • written permission of the landowner if you are acting on behalf of the landowner.

What if I want to clear vegetation for grazing practices that haven’t changed?

If you have not changed grazing practices over the past 10 years in terms of area grazed, manner, rate and stock species, refer to information on Grazing: ongoing practices.

What if I want to expand the land required for grazing?

A clearance application under the Native Vegetation Act 1991 will be required.


You are not permitted to clear for this activity if you are: