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Report a suspected illegal clearance

If you suspect that illegal clearing is taking place, please contact:

Native Vegetation Branch
Department for Environment and Water
Post: GPO Box 1047, Adelaide SA 5001
Phone: (+61 8) 8303 9777

All reports are strictly confidential and the identity of informants is not released.

Checking the Native Vegetation Clearance Application Public Register may help to determine if the clearance is authorised.

What information to provide

To assist us to review the matter, please provide the following information:

  • Your phone number, which will remain confidential. This is so we can call you to discuss the report.
  • Location: Section and Hundred, street address or map grid reference. Provide as much detail as possible.
  • Time of clearance: When did it occur? When did you first notice it? Is it still happening?
  • Plant being cleared: If you know, what was the size and type of plant and how it was cleared?
  • Person doing the clearing: Do you know who cleared the plant? This could be a contractor, business, landholder or neighbour. Provide their contact details if possible.

Local government reports

To report suspected unauthorised clearance of native vegetation, council officers should contact the Native Vegetation Branch on (+61 8) 8303 9777.

An External Inspection Report form (for local government only) can be completed and emailed to

What happens to those who clear illegally?

Clearing native vegetation without approval can attract fines and even result in criminal proceedings.

‘Stop work’ orders can be issued for unauthorised work that is underway so the earlier the breach is reported the earlier the department can act.