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Protecting and enhancing

The Native Vegetation Council encourages landowners to conserve or re-establish native vegetation. For more information on protecting and improving native vegetation in South Australia, see the Native Vegetation Council brochure, Getting the Balance Right.

What you can do

There is support and sometimes funding available to people interested in preserving, improving or growing native vegetation.

Read on to find out which program or activity might suit you.

Heritage Agreement

Heritage Agreements ensure ongoing protection of native vegetation, even if you sell the land in future. You will join a network of over 2,800 properties covering 1 million hectares in South Australia. 

Turn your native vegetation into income

If you can protect and manage an area of native vegetation on your land, you may be able to generate SEB credits that can be sold to a company or person that needs to offset a clearance activity. Find out more.

Significant Environmental Benefit Grants

Apply for a Significant Environmental Benefit Grant to fund on-ground native vegetation restoration works. To be eligible for funding, projects should aim to achieve targets of regional or statewide significance. 

Protect revegetation

Revegetation is generally not protected by the Native Vegetation Act and can be cleared without seeking approval, however, there are a number of way you can give it the same level of protection as any other area of native vegetation. For example, you can have it noted on Title as native vegetation, or if it’s an appropriate standard, place it under a Heritage Agreement.

Contact us

Enquiries should be directed to your local Natural Resources Centre. They can give you general advice and direction.

If you have submitted an application, or are seeking follow up information, please contact the department's Native Vegetation Branch on (+61 8) 8303 9777 or submit an online enquiry.

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