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Developers, major projects and mining

Development, exploration, mining and other major projects are active in several parts of South Australia.

To ensure minimal impacts on native vegetation – and to ensure offsetting takes place when clearance is unavoidable – there are regulations in place.

Transport and infrastructure projects operate under Site Operations Plans. For mines, there is a Guide for a Significant Environmental Benefit for the Clearance of Native Vegetation associated with the Minerals and Petroleum Industry that companies must adhere to.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure provides a range of environmental technical standards and guidelines when planning and building roads, rail and marine infrastructure.

The Department of State Development has developed a new online process to assist companies compiling and submitting programs for environment protection and rehabilitation. 

Risk assessment requirements

Certain clearance activities with a potential high or unknown level of risk of doing irreversible damage to biodiversity are required to undergo the risk assessment (Regulation 16).

Applications in this pathway require Native Vegetation Council approval and the delivery of a Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) offset.

The aim is to ensure that approval processes are consistent with the Objects of the Act and are defensible, transparent and at a level commensurate with the level of risk.

What activities are included?

The risk assessment applies to the following activities (as defined in Schedule 1 of the Regulations):

  • highways
  • new dwelling or building
  • infrastructure
  • residential subdivision
  • recreation track
  • commercial vehicle access track exceeding 5 metres
  • new dam and expansion of a dam (pastoral areas).

To better understand the requirements, download our risk assessment fact sheet.

Clearance applications

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Contact us

Enquiries should be directed to your local Natural Resources Centre. They can give you general advice and direction.

If you have submitted an application, or are seeking follow up information, please contact the department's Native Vegetation Branch on (+61 8) 8303 9777.




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