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Clearance application register

All clearance applications since 25 August 2003 are recorded on a public register which is regularly updated to reflect recent applications and decisions.

Native Vegetation Clearance Application Register - January 2010 to October 2023

Native Vegetation Clearance Application Register - August 2003 to July 2010

The register outlines the following details:

  • name of applicant
  • locality and hundred of proposed clearance
  • application date
  • date application was registered with the NVC
  • type of clearance and reason for the application
  • the NVC’s decision on the application.

The Native Vegetation Council's (NVC) decisions on clearance applications are explained below:




The NVC has not yet made a decision on this application.

Cancelled (by admin)

The item was registered but was not a formal clearance application, eg a request for native vegetation comment.

Conditional consent

The application was approved with conditions. The conditions are attached in order to off-set the clearance by achieving a significant environmental benefit and to enable monitoring of the clearance.


The application was approved. However clearance was very minor and no significant environmental benefit conditions were attached.


The NVC has considered the application but is seeking additional information or negotiating the detail of the application before making a final decision.


The clearance was approved because it was determined to be exempt under the Native Vegetation Regulations 2017.


A formal clearance application that was not able to be considered by the NVC due to legal reasons.

Partial Consent / Partial Conditional Consent

Part of the application was granted consent, possibly with conditions, while another part was refused.


The application was not approved


The landholder indicated that they did not wish to proceed with the application.