The Native Vegetation Council are welcomes landowners to join SA’s Native Vegetation Heritage Agreement (NVHA) program to protect important native bushland for the future.

Once you fill out this quick application form below, we can assess your site's eligibility for a Native Vegetation Heritage Agreement. Once you have submitted your form, we will be in contact to notify you if you have received pre-approval for a Heritage Agreement or if we need some further information from you.

To encourage landowners to enter into a new Heritage Agreement, the Native Vegetation Council may offer you an incentive payment (grant) to assist with establishment of the site. If you would like information on incentive payments please review the Native Vegetation Council Guideline for financial assistance and discuss your proposal with the Native Vegetation Branch (contact details below).

Once your Heritage Agreement is in place, you also become eligible for grants to manage and improve your native bushland through the NVHA Grant Program.

If you have any questions about Heritage Agreements or you would like help filling out the application form, please contact the Native Vegetation Branch at or phone 8303 9777.

Contact details

Proposed Heritage Agreement

Are you interested in entering into an agreement to protect your native bushland for years to come? Note that this agreement is in perpetuity
If you have them, can you please attach any:
- site photos
- plants or animal species list
- management plans

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