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The Native Vegetation Council regularly consults with the public on applications to clear native vegetation, and on proposed amendments to policies and guidelines associated with the administration of the Act and the Regulations.

You’re invited to submit your views about any of the applications or proposed amendments currently open for consultation.

Your submission will assist the Native Vegetation Council to make decisions about the removal and re-establishment of native vegetation in line with the Native Vegetation Act 1991 and Native Vegetation Regulations 2017

We recommend you view our tips on how to make your feedback count before you get started.

When you are ready to make a submission, please fill in this form and send to

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Application  Due Date

Lake Hawdon Proprietors have applied for the clearance of 212 Melaleuca lanceolata & 4 Allocasuarina verticillata for the establishment of a centre pivot irrigator.

The offset has been proposed to be satisfied as on-ground works. 



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